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Technology Department

Tech iconThe tech staff supports over 900 network computers and 4000 mobile devices used by 3700 users (300 staff, 3400 students). We support district and school offices, 8 full computer labs, and 176 classrooms,

Applications include email for all staff, Google Apps for Education, a student information system (Infinite Campus), data tools (EADMS), communication tools (Infinite Campus Portals and Schoolloop), and library, food service, and curricular databases. We manage technology issues related to construction, purchasing, and recycling of equipment. Website management, state and federally mandated data and testing services, and data for grants and fiscal reports are also coordinated through the technology department.


Mobile Devices in the Classroom

We have completed our Classroom Technology Implementation Plan. Thanks to Bond Measure S funding. K and 1st classroom have Android tablet carts, 2nd through 5th have Chromebook carts. Middle and HS, all math, language arts most social studies classes have Chromebook carts. Science departments have sets of laptops and probleware. To view plan details, see the Powerpoint overview of plan or Read the detailed implementation plan here.


2015-16 Teacher Survey of Classroom Technology Use



Cabrillo Unified schools are very grateful for all the offers of technology donations that we receive. To maintain a reasonable level of consistency and performance in the district's equipment, we accept computers and peripherals that integrate with the district's ability to service and maintain our many computers, printers, and the networks that they use. Therefore, donations need to be pre-approved.



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