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Safety & Emergency Information

Safety is a top priority at the Cabrillo Unified School District. School site staff are trained on how to respond and recover from an emergency, disaster, or event resulting in the disruption of normal school operations. Each year the plan is updated. The plan include disaster and emergency procedures. Learn more by reviewing the info below.

Comprehensive School Safety Plan for Every School

The Big Five Community Packet 2017-18 (pdf) Download

Los Cinco Grandes Paquete para la Comunidad (pdf) Download

SCHOOL EMERGENCY GUIDELINES - Immediate Action Response & Hazards. Response is the process of implementing appropriate actions while an emergency situation is unfolding. Staff members are familiar with Immediate Action Responses. All students are taught what to do in the event that any of these response actions is implemented.

The Big Five Parent Flyer (pdf) Download

Parents and School Safety - Learn The Big Five

Los Padres y la Seguridad Escolar (pdf) Download

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