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Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS)

About SRTS

Cabrillo Unified School District’s Safe Routes to School Program is part of a countywide initiative to provide education and programs that will enable school children and families to walk, bicycle and carpool more often to school. CUSD began participating in this program during the 2012/2013 school year. All Cabrillo Unified schools are now participating in the program.

The overall goal of the program is “to make San Mateo County a healthier, safer, more sustainable and environmentally sound community with improved air quality and less traffic congestion by reducing the number of school related automobile trips.”

“The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) is designated to serve as the lead agency for implementation of SRTS projects and programs. The City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) is the fiscal agent responsible for administering funds for the SRTS Program.”

Safe Routes to School Program

Learn More about SRTS Safety Info.

If you have questions regarding the SRTS program for CUSD, please contact:
Carlene Foldenauer, SRTS Coordinator for CUSD

Cabrillo Unified Safe Routes To School Parent Survey


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback allows us to adjust Safe Routes to School (SRTS) education and encouragement program features to best meet the needs of each individual school.  Your feedback will also be shared with decision makers throughout the county who can address infrastructure issues regarding safe walking and biking.  This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

This year we have included a list of projects that the City of Half Moon Bay's Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee has established as potential future projects to improve safety and connectivity. The City would like to have feedback from parents on how they rate the importance of each project, specifically related to students getting to school more safely.


Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para completar esta encuesta. Su participación nos permite hacer ajustes a la educación y el fomento en el programa Rutas Seguras a Escuela para cumplir mejor con las necesidades de cada escuela. Sus comentarios también serán compartidos con autoridades del condado que pueden abordar cuestiones de infraestructura relacionadas con caminar y andar en bicicleta con seguridad.  La encuesta no tomará más de 5 minutos en completarse. 

Este año hemos incluido una lista de proyectos que el Comité Asesor de Ciclistas y Peatones de la Ciudad de Half Moon Bay ha establecido como futuros proyectos potenciales para mejorar la seguridad y conectividad. A la Ciudad le gustaría saber la opinión de los padres sobre como califican la importancia de cada proyecto, específicamente los relacionados a como los estudiantes llegan a la escuela de manera más segura.

SRTS Annual Plan


  • Schools will have the option to participate in the San Mateo County International Walk to School Day Poster Contest. (El Granada Elementary and Hatch Elementary Schools participated – 3 student winners from CUSD)

  • Six schools will participate in International Walk to School Day on October 10th.  (Of the 2129 students that were tracked, 622 walked or rolled - 29%, 247 took public transit or a school bus - 12%, 323 students carpooled - 15%.)

  • SRTS will partner with SamTrans to provide information about services. (Moonridge – August 24th, HMHS Electric Bus Tour – October 31)

  • All schools will complete Student Tallies, to track how students get to and from school over a 2-day period in October or November. (This information is used to make decisions about future programs and safety initiatives. The data also helps when applying for grant applications.)

  • All schools will have the option to participate in Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day - November 14th.  (Farallone View Elementary School chose to participate.)

  • SRTS Parent Surveys will be posted online November 15 – December 31. Some hard-copy surveys will be provided. SRTS will work with the City of Half Moon Bay to request feedback from parents about specific safety initiatives.

  • Bike Mobile will provide free bike fix-it programs for students one or two times during the school year. (Cunha Intermediate – September 27th  – 29 bikes fixed)

  • SRTS will continue to partner as needed to complete implementation of Solar Lighting along the Lewis Foster Drive Pathway and Lower Parking Lot at Half Moon Bay High School this year. (CUSD funded)

  • SRTS will share funding with El Granada Elementary School Dolphin Club, to provide a 2-Day YBike Program for all students in March.

  • SRTS will partner with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition to provide a Bike Safety Program for the Moonridge Community on April 26th (dia del niño). (Funded by Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition)

  • SRTS will partner with KidPower to provide 2-4 “People Safety” Programs for parents, teachers and/or students. (KidPower grant funding)

  • Five to six schools will participate in either Earth Day (April 22) or National Bike to School Day (May 8).

  • The CUSD SRTS Coordinator will continue to participate on the Half Moon Bay Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC).

  • SRTS will participate on the Youth Summit Committee as appropriate.


2017/18 and 2018/19 Funding Update

CUSD was granted SRTS funding on February 1, 2018 for a period of 18 months. Last year SMCOE entered into a new funding cycle with C/CAG, and funds were delayed by 8 months. Due to this delay, the decision was made to grant funds through 2018/19. The funds granted for this period are significantly lower than past years.


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