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Timesheets - Variable Pay

Payroll information, procedures and guidelines for all variable pay time sheets and stipend requests are as follows:

  1. The pay periods for variable pay timesheets
    Dates subject to change

    Pay Periods  Paid on
    07/01 to 07/31 08/10/18
    08/01  to 08/31 09/09/18
    09/01  to 09/30 10/07/18
    10/01 to 10/31 11/10/18
    11/01 to 11/30 12/09/18
    12/01 to 12/31 01/10/19
    01/01 to 01/31 02/10/19
    02/01 to 02/28 03/10/19
    03/01 to 03/31 04/10/19
    04/01 to 04/28 05/10/19
    05/01 to 05/31 06/30/19
    06/01 to 06/30 07/10/19

    Cutoff date for variable timesheets (classified or certificated (including subs) is as shown above. Timesheets received by Payroll after the 2nd of a month will be processed in the following month’s supplemental payroll period.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Technician in the Business Services Department. (116).

  2. Prepare a separate timesheet if hours or days worked pertain  to the next  month’s  pay period. Please do not combine hours or days for two different pay periods on one timesheet.
  3. Please remember that the name used on the timesheets and F‐80 forms must be as they appear on Social Security Cards. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Timesheets  must  be  completely  filled  out  indicating  the  number  of  hours  or  days worked, program number, job or  work description,  etc.  The  following  pages can be used as a guide.   If you are unsure what program is paying, ask your teacher   or principal. Be sure the timesheets are signed by the appropriate person before submission to the Payroll Department.
  6. Substitute timesheets should be signed and submitted as the work/assignment is completed or on a daily or weekly basis. Please send substitute timesheets to the attention of Connie Giebelhausen at the District Office.


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