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District Email

All District Staff (admin, teachers, office personnel, etc.) email addresses use the following format:


Board Members

Freya McCamant Governing Board Member
Rob Pappalardo Governing Board Member
Sophia Layne Governing Board Member
Kirk Riemer Governing Board Member
Kimberly Hines Governing Board Member

District Office

Jane Yuster Superintendent
Joy Dardenelle Asst. Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction
Holly Wade Asst. Superintendent of Educational Support
Jason Owens Director of Personnel and Pupil Services
Pati Serrano Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Crystal Leach Chief Business Official
Rick Alva Director of Technology
Irene Preciado Director of Categorical Programs
Jeff Crofton Network and Computer Specialist
Hale' Guerra Bond Construction Manager
Jorge Machado Maintenance Supervisor

School Sites

Seth Feldman Principal at Cunha
Ben Bartel Asst. Principal at Cunha
Cesar Gaytan Principal at Farallone View
David Porcel Principal at Hatch
Amy McVicker Asst. Principal at Hatch
Martha Ladd Principal at El Granada
Diane Siegel Site Director Kings Mountain
John Nazar Principal at Half Moon Bay High
Deanna Tower Asst. Principal at HMBHS
James Barnes Asst. Principal at HMBHS
Julia Smith Counselor at HMBHS
Maria Soriano Counselor at HMBHS
Megan Chan Counselor at HMBHS
Janice Lee Cunha Counselor (student  M - Z) 
Stacy Myrick Cunha Counselor (students A - L)